Shropshire Entomology Services


Below are a selection of documents providing examples of our work:

Stelis phaeoptera is a very rare cuckoo-bee (described as a cleptoparasite) that appears to have a well established base in Shropshire. This is a copy of an item we wrote for the BWARS newsletter in 2012
Below is a file that describes research we undertook to try and find out more about Stelis phaeoptera in the Shropshire area
  • An Invertebrate Survey of Prees Heath (2018). An assessment of the invertebrate status of this SSSI Shropshire heathland and adjoining areas of recently restored heath. Focuses on insects of exposed sandy soils. Client: Natural England. Authored by Nigel Jones.
An Invertebrate Survey of Prees Heath-2018.pdf An Invertebrate Survey of Prees Heath-2018.pdf
Size : 1583.919 Kb
Type : pdf
  • Bees, wasps and ants of Devil's Dingle, Shropshire. Devil's Dingle is a large power station ash landfill site. This report describes the very impressive fauna of bees, wasps and ant we found there in 2013.
  •  An Invertebrate Survey of Silverdale Community Country Park, Staffordshire. Client: Staffordshire Ecological Services (authored by Nigel Jones)
An_Invertebrate_Survey_Silverdale_Park.pdf An_Invertebrate_Survey_Silverdale_Park.pdf
Size : 981.892 Kb
Type : pdf

  • An Invertebrate Survey of Penn Common, Staffordshire. Client: Penn Golf Course and Natural England (authored by Pete Boardman)
  • An assessment of invertebrates of several Shropshire quarries.
    Client: Shropshire County Council
    Authored by Pete Boardman
Shropshire Invertebrates Group
Annual Reports

We are pleased to host Shropshire Invertebrates Group (SIG)  web pages and documents.
Below you can download SIG Annual Reports

2010_SIG_Report.pdf 2010_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 1087.16 Kb
Type : pdf
SIG_2009 _Report.pdf SIG_2009 _Report.pdf
Size : 1979.756 Kb
Type : pdf
2008_SIG_Report.pdf 2008_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 498.664 Kb
Type : pdf
2007_SIG_Report.pdf 2007_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 514.248 Kb
Type : pdf
2006_SIG_Report.pdf 2006_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 291.916 Kb
Type : pdf
2005_SIG_Report.pdf 2005_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 354.009 Kb
Type : pdf
2004_SIG_Report.pdf 2004_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 378.568 Kb
Type : pdf
2003_SIG_Report.pdf 2003_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 383.242 Kb
Type : pdf
2002_SIG_Report.pdf 2002_SIG_Report.pdf
Size : 250.892 Kb
Type : pdf

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