Shropshire Entomology Services

Chrysis impressa
Above: Chrysis impressa - a common and stunning cuckoo wasp. Chrysis are extremely difficult to identify and require critical examination to separate half a dozen very similar species. Photo: Nigel Jones


Where we work

We undertake contract survey work in the following areas:

The Midlands, Wales, North West England, South West England.

What we do

Contracts and other work we have undertaken include:

  • An Invertebrate Assessment of Shropshire Quarries for Shropshire County Council.
  • An Invertebrate Survey of Prees Heath Nature reserve for Butterfly Conservation.
  • An Invertebrate Survey of Penn Common for Penn Golf Club and Natural England.
  • A Invertebrate Survey of Silverdale Community Park for Staffordshire Ecological Services.
  • An Invertebrate Assessment of land at Berry Hill, Stoke-on-Trent for Staffordshire Ecological Services.
  • Various small contracts for the Shropshire Ecological Data Network to expand the county database of Diptera and Hymenoptera.
  • We have been closely involved with the Field Studies Council's Invertebrate Challenge project. This project introduced students to various invertebrate groups and teaches them how to collect, identify and record invertebrates. The project operates over a four year term, during which we provide tutoring and mentoring for students looking to improve their expertise with bees, wasps, ants and true flies.


We regularly provide talks on insects for groups such as wildlife trusts, garden clubs and beekeepers. Subjects have included:

  • Garden Bees
  • Insects of the Welsh Marches,
  • Hoverflies and other Flies
  • Bees and Wasps

About Us

Ian Cheeseborough, Pete Boardman and Nigel Jones have studied insects for many years. Ian specialises in dragonflies and the aculeate Hymenoptera - the bees, wasps and ants; whilst Nigel focuses on Diptera - the true flies, including hoverflies and many other families in this vast and fascinating insect order. Pete's areas of interest are the Diptera, (particularly the Tipuloidea), and a range of other groups including Lepidoptera, Odonata, Hemiptera, Isopods and Myriapods, Mollusca and Collembola.

Shropshire Entomological Services are also able to provide detailed assessments of Coleoptera and Arachnids.

Ian is Shropshire Recorder for bees, wasps and ants. Nigel is Shropshire Recorder for Diptera. Pete is invertebrate organiser for the Shropshire Ecological Data Network and is county recorder for craneflies.

Nigel manages the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society website.

ete has been involved in entomology survey and training work, and community biological recording in Shropshire for the past fifteen years. He until recently worked as a Project Manager for the Field Studies Council where he organised and delivered training on a range of entomological and biological recording subjects.

Pete and Nigel are editors of the Shropshire Entomology Newsletter which can be downloaded here

Ian and Nigel recently co-authored an A provisional atlas of bees, wasps & ants of Shropshire, published in 2014 and containing species accounts for 317 species recorded in the county.

Pete recently authored the Shropshire Shieldbug Atlas and has a 2nd edition of Shropshire Craneflies in press.

Nigel Jones with insect net
Nigel Jones - happy with a net in hand.
Ian Cheeseborough - setting pitfall traps
Pete Boardman - entomologist
Pete Boardman - looking for leaf fauna....

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