Shropshire Entomology Services

Shropshire entomology services - composite image
Above left: Picture-wing flies Urophora stylata.  A widespread species on spear thistle.

Above right: Ian Cheeseborough teaching bee identification skills.

Below left: Andrena clarkella female. A mining bee. One of the first bees to emerge each spring. The female gathers pollen almost exclusively from goat willow and other Salix flowers.

Below right: A widespread, though rarely common, snipefly Chrysopilus asiliformis. Fresh specimens are clothed in irridescent golden hairs.

Photos: Nigel Jones.

Nigel Jones Pete Boardman & Ian Cheeseborough
Entomological Consultants


We can provide:

  • Site invertebrate quality assessments.
  • Species surveys.
  • Workshops and advice on managing land for native bees and other insects.
  • Identification workshops for bees, wasps, ants, hoverflies and other insects.
  • Talks about insects.

See the Downloads section for examples of work we have undertaken.



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